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Why good web design is important

If you are owner of small or big business first thing to keep it in your mind is that your business needs website. And by website we mean every detail related to your business or queries should be there. You are starting business in this era where you have to rely on modern technology and if your business has no website than you are just lost in a crowd of industry where the chances of survival are minimum. Because consumer looks for website when it comes to buy product, and when he will not see it his mobile, he is not going to consider your product because it’s difficult for him to go and search all by himself. But having a website is not everything. It should have a proper layout; design must be appealing and maybe some queries for the customer so that he will have answers to his questions.

Recent studies shows that 38% of people will not engage if your website design is not appealing or the content in your website is not relevant. And almost 75% people will make decision whether to purchase from you or not, because they think if website is not appealing than your product is also no good.

So, when it comes to website you might know the importance of its design and how this will make audience attract towards your product. Here are some reasons that describes the importance of website design:

  • First Impression
  • SEO strategy
  • Impression for customer service
  • Gain audience trust
  • Get in line with your competitors

First Impression of the Audience

When it comes to website people will judge your business and product. They decide in the first look whether to make a purchase or not. So, making a positive impression on the consumer matters a lot. If your website is not appealing audience will leave your page and moves to your competitors and not only, they will move next time if someone asks for your website, they instantly give negative remarks because that’s what they have in their mind. Remember that good design means a lot no matter what everyone says about that.

SEO Strategy

You can mess up with your design but you can’t let go the fact that the elements of your web design influence how you publish content on your website. And this thing affects and helps SEO spider to index your website. If your website is not on-page SEO fundamentals than your website is in danger and you have to struggle for so long.

It’s not only the content that will affect SEO, sometimes web design elements can also affect SEO. In simple words your code should also be SEO friendly otherwise its not going to work.

If someone in your office builds up a website for your company that is not going to work. Because he may know somethings but not everything. It’s important that you should hire web design agency for this. They know what to do and how to do.

Customer Service

People will know how you treat customers by looking at your website because, that indicates if you care for your customers enough to make room for everything in your web design. If there is not effort in your web design that indicates you are not going to treat your customers well.

In a world where technology is everything some roles are also changed with this. When it comes to business or company there are several customer service representatives that helps you with any problem you are facing or answering your question regarding their product. Your web design is the modern customer service representative that guides you well enough to make your mind to purchase their product.

Your business digital face is its web site design just like an office where someone walks in and employees are there to hep him. In the same way your website should be appealing and helping the customer.

Audience Trust

Talking about trust if customer sees your website and content or its design is outdated, they will not trust your product. Because if you don’t have time to update your website than what are the chances that product will be reliable. There are consumer out there looking to order in bulk willing to spend money because all they want a product that is reliable and make sure that manufacturer is working according to technology and customer demands. If your website is not giving them the impression that your work is trustworthy than the customer will move to your competitors.

Get in line with your competitors

If you’re looking for excuses that why you should not spend any money on your website design so, here it is. There is no reason to let your website outdates just because you’re not willing to spend any money on it. We are living in a time where we have to update with the new trends and styles. If you’re running a business that does not mean you have no competitors working as hard as they can. You have to beat them to be in the race and if it demands to spend some money on your website than you should do it. Because everyone knows the customer demands detailed information about a product, they are looking for so they can make a purchase by sitting in their office or at homes. If you are not giving them what they are looking for than this means you are losing the race.

While choosing a website design the most important thing is consistency. If you are building a website and one page is different from the other in any manner whether it’s layout or font style or colors this thing is not going to give any good impression on the customers. Hiring a proper website design agency is a smart choice because if you want to shift on different style or want some other changes in your web design, they will not miss even a minor detail about that.

Also, your website should be responsive because your customer needs an answer or solution for their problem and if you are not going to give them what they are looking for you are losing your customer.

There are some other factors that will leave a good impression on the customer such as:

  • Visuals
  • Speed
  • Call-to-action (button)

So, if you’re planning to build your website all by yourself just think whether you can do all these things all by yourself, or it’s worth all the effort you are going to put in this task or just hire some website design agency so that you can do other task while your website is in good hands.