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Know About the Web Development Company and Web Developers


One option is to hire top web development companies in Alberta to help with site creation or redesign. But what exactly do they do, and how can this help your business grow and possibly provide new revenue streams? With this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether or not a web or app development company is suitable for your business’s needs.

What does a web development company do?

A web development company provides expert assistance in creating a website or an application for commercial or individual use. Most web designers and developers follow a common process for creating websites. The developer may meet with you to discuss your site’s goals. At this meeting, the developer will determine the website layout ideal for achieving your business objectives.

Similarly, the developer may start the application development process with a discovery phase. They will then examine your workflows and revenue goals to determine which features your application must have.

What is a Web Developer?

Do you want to create and manage client websites? Maybe you might look at becoming a web developer! Designers of websites are responsible for writing the code that essentially “directs” the website in its operation. The websites they created are ‘user friendly,’ meaning they are simple. They also construct features within a website, such as a subscription form, a paywall that requires users to enter their payment information, or a thank-you note for their patronage.

What exactly does a Web Developer do?

Web developers have a technical background and an understanding of how computers and server’s function. In addition, they have extensive experience with a wide range of software tools, web apps, and web programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and C++.

• There are three main components to web development: client-side scripting (which runs in the user’s web browser and determines what they see), server-side scripting (which runs on the server and powers the website’s underlying mechanics), and database technology (which helps keep the website up and running). These responsibilities are typically split up among several Top Web Developers in Alberta on larger projects.

• A back-end developer sets up the site’s infrastructure, while a front-end developer enhances the site’s visual design and interactive features for users (front-end developer). It’s common for employees to operate in teams to better coordinate the needs of their clients with the final result.

• It’s possible that some of your time at work will be spent chatting with customers about their wants and needs regarding a website or how to maintain it best. Web developers build websites from the ground up, from the home page to the back end, ensuring that everything works smoothly and is as user-friendly as possible. As soon as a website goes live, its developers test it in different browsers and make any necessary adjustments to make it work properly across the board.


A web developer might work in an organization’s IT division, either whole or part-time, or they might run their own company out of their homes. If a developer goes the freelancing route, they may have to do some travelling. Some web developers work as consultants or independent contractors for many companies, while others want to freelance their services to as many businesses as possible.