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Cross Road Motors


A clear featured original QUALITY content website for sale and purchase of vehicles that

displays business details precisely. Summarizes the services, products and standards of the business

grabbing a ratio of visitors


Business vision and mission statements summarized to let the visitors be informed in detail.

Presenting the Services and Products persuading the visitors to become customers. Sale and purchase of vehicles by easy search

Well decorated icons, flip boxes and choice of colors


Defining standards and rules of the business

Letting the target market know what is served or the need of the customers being filled here.

The strategies, the business model and details about the company


All inventory products with fine detailed description.  

Well documented and labeled products representation. 

Fine arrangement of the layout with eye catching look and feel of the website.

Inventory search form with optimized key features. 

Financing Calculator to let your customers get their values calculated and budgeting at ease.

Credit Application to let customers finance their purchases.



Instant email notifications upon contact. 

Admin notifications

Frequent email notifications to admin upon contact by customers

Customer Notifications

Email updates to the customers via email regarding request delivery and response.

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