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10 Reasons Why Your Fashion Brand Needs a Website

When starting up a new business or even for an established business, people wonder do they need a website? Should they move their Fashion business online? Do we really need a website for our business?

I can say with absolute certainty, yes, your fashion brand needs a website. Even if you are planning not to sell your products online, but having a website can boost up your customers in physical shops too. By the way, no business-minded person will leave the possible clients that they can sell to online just because they don’t know how to install or run an online operation. If you have a fashion brand or you are thinking to start one, and you are wondering how to get my business online or how will I manage the orders online? Who will set up my website? You can consult these professionals to set up your business online.

Here are some of the reasons that prove why your fashion brand needs a website.

1.   Today’s norm

Almost every customer looks at a brand online after hearing it from someone else. It is customary for a brand to have a website. They need to have their presence online. Think about this way, would you trust a brand that doesn’t even have a website. Of course no. Therefore, having a nice website that demonstrates your business properly is really essential. If you don’t secure those potential online customers you are wasting a reasonable amount of profit.

2.   Great place for social proof

Ninety percent of customers claim that online reviews and feedback has a direct impact on their buying decisions. You can use Google, Yelp, or other reviews hosting site to register your fashion brand’s business. Since people are already looking for your brand online, why not show them what your past customers think about your brand to impress the potential new buyers.

3.   You control the brand’s image

Unlike social media where you can’t control what others say about your brand, you have total independence in building the public’s perception about your brand on your own website. You can create your whole audience and tell them your brand’s history or motivation behind those fancy fashion dresses.

Setting up a blog can help business owners depict their story and their thoughts and deliver them to their audience. They can deliver their message, mission, and personality in front of their audience in no time. Plus you can also put social icons of Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest so that the users can share their favorite posts and images with their friends.

4.   Better mailing option

When you use a website builder and integrate plugins like Mailchimp, you don’t have to maintain a mailing list and send emails individually. The plugin will keep track of the users that sign up on your website and will send them emails automatically that you can set up at the initial stage. If you need any help integrating those contact forms or maintaining those subscriber’s list. The professionals at the Three Apples can prove to be a great asset. 

5.   Least technical skills required

You don’t need any extensive coding or technical skills to set up the website and maintain it. You can spend an hour or two to learn how you can set up a website using free builder tools. No doubt your design will lack a bit according to industrial standards if you do all your own. But for a small business, it doesn’t matter much. If you would like to have a professional set up and maintain your website then Three Apples will be the best solution for you. As they have an extensive portfolio in building up sites for fashion brands.

Here are a couple of things you would need to start your website:

  1. A domain name
  2. A hosting provider

You can make your own website once you have these two things. Make sure to use high-quality images on the site as you are dealing in the fashion industry. Make sure everything is functional on the site. The best approach would be to consult a professional to set up your website and learn from them how you can maintain that by yourself.

6.   All your competitors have a website

This is also one of the main reasons why you should have a website for your fashion brand. Because all other competitors of your brand have their own websites. Therefore, you can’t simply withdraw from a platform where all your competitors are competing and making tons of profits out of it.

7.   Your business is always open

With an online presence, you don’t have to be worried that your business is open only at a certain period of the day. Most people surf the internet for shopping at night after getting home from their jobs or school or colleges. Therefore, your business is always open to welcome those users. They can buy from you whenever they want and you’ll always be there to answer their queries. Plus you can also take the benefits of marketing campaigns, 24/7 customer service, client relationship building through a website more easily.

8.   Easy to handle stock

With an online shop, you can handle your stock with very little effort. You can put up the number of items available in your physical stock and upload them with their prices. Then you can easily track their sales and see the monthly or daily reports generated. All this data can also help you make a better marketing strategy. You can analyze which areas, age group, and gender is more into your products. Then you can target those audiences with personalized ads. You can even align your products according to their liked preferences.

9.   No geographical restrictions

Setting up a website for your fashion brand will increase the reach of your targeted audience. You will not have to be confined to a specific region or area. You can sell your products in the whole country as well as out of the country. More audience means more chances of landing a client and more revenue.

10.   Land the hesitating clients

Having a website also gives you a free hand on showcasing whatever you want. It is your platform you can do anything with it. Not only can you display the images of your latest designs and clothes but you can also upload detailed videos, short videos, and instructional videos along with pdfs to explain to your customers why you are the best. It will leave no reason for the hesitating customers to go elsewhere to purchase.


No doubt having a website for your fashion brand is a necessity and the above-mentioned reasons have made it more clear. But a simple website is not enough to catch those clients. You need a professional’s help to design an eye-catching website. Because an aesthetic website will leave an impression in the client’s image that their products will also be as beautiful as their website is. Plus in order to integrate the modern marketing tools, contact forms, email, and subscribers list handling tools. You need a professional helping you out.