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Why Blog is Important for your online Business

To progress on something bigger and better, first thing that you need to do is embrace change. Being a marketer whether you’re running a small business or sitting in a big office you need to update your business with the latest trends. That’s how you can be on top of the whole market. Apart from the fact that filing systems are changed and backing up files is a lot easier than it used to be. Advertisement schemes are also changed and is shifted from paper to blog. Some people still raise a “WHY BLOG?” phrase when it comes to change. You’re an entrepreneur or running a small local business here are some reason to let you know why blog is important for your business.

Attracting new clients and spreading word about your product to the large number of audience there are some advantages that also helps your website to grow.

Website traffic

If you launched your website but there is no one to see it or maybe less number of people visit and wishes to choose your product than it will not work as you wanted it to be. There are some ways how people will know about your website.

A person can simply type name of your website in the browser bar but that’s not going to help because he maybe someone who already know about your website. Chances of getting more traffic by this way is not so much.

The most expensive way is paying for traffic. You have to buy email list and send your website link if they open the link there you go. But this method is expensive and also illegal.

Paying for ads to attract traffic is the most common way used now. This method is also expensive but it’s not illegal. The only problem with this method is, if you stop paying for ads traffic will also be stopped.

These are the basic problems you can face with your website. You may think of solving this thing with less expensive way and blogging is the way how you can solve your problem. Your website may not have many pages or you may not have the time to updates articles on daily or weekly basis.

Here is how blogging helps, every time you write a blog post you website will be indexed with one more page. Doing this will allow search engines to show up your website and drive traffic towards it. And later on it will benefit with SEO also. It makes your website active and allows search engines to check on your website frequently for new content.

Your website can be discovered on social media via blogging. When you write a blog, you are creating a content shared by people on social media. It helps to uncover your business or product to new and large number of audience. As your social media presence is going on and attracting audience now you just have to create content not only by writing but by posting videos, presentations, query sessions or sometimes live streaming featuring how your product works. All these techniques will help clients to think “Let’s give this product a try”.

When audience are attracted towards your website now is the time to create some offer or generating leads. Offer them free trials or free eBook summary or a part of that book to attract them. Once they will be satisfied they will definitely recommend your website to their relatives and friends. Now we learn how to market and build trust of the client about your product. Make them believe that this is the best option for them.

Marketing Strategy

In such a competitive business environment promoting your product and services is such a challenging task. You need to cover all the audience national and international. Also, it is important that audience to have a complete knowledge about your product. To achieve this milestone, you need a blog where you can add presentations, videos regarding your product or services, posts, images or podcast and much more. And above all the most important task is to keep things easily understandable and interesting for your audience.

Attracting New Clients

You want to increase traffic on your website that you must know the importance of posting relevant content. This can be achieved by using strategies like SEO, choice of right keywords, titles, descriptions and that is the reason why blog posts are important for gaining traffic on your brand. Posting blogs can add new page every time on your website, this can be helpful with SEO because search engines now have a reason to see your website so that they can find new content.

Promotion of community 

To spread a word about your services and create a bond with the audience blogging is the best way. You can build a community around your post and can reach a wider audience by sharing your blogs on social media. In this way vast number of audience will know about your services, your company insights and outlooks. When you share your blog on social media the number of audience build around your post will be more than you expected.

Building a reputation

If your brand, company or organization have a good reputation than there is nothing to worry about. Blogs can help you to share your vision and product to wide audience in different ways.


As time changes methods of advertising products are also changing. Now a day many companies prefer to advertise their product in different and attractive ways like articles, small videos etc. Because if customer is attractive towards your ad than he is one step closer to purchase your product.

Trust building

Trust building is not so easy especially when you are selling your product online. Blogs can bring customer one step closer to trust your brand and if you will deliver what you promised in your content than there is not going back for that client. In fact, one happy client can bring many clients because of what you said in your blogs is what you deliver.  

If you want to be in the game of marketing and want to increase online business exposure than you must try these strategies. And if you are running a small business than paying for advertisement in the start is not a good idea. Because if you can write or express something than why pay for it.