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What Makes A Good Real Estate Website?

When it comes to a website design, we all know that the UI should be in such a way that users don’t have to face difficulty navigating. There should be a reasonable amount of white space present so that the users can easily read the text or any other form of data presented. If we talk about images, they should be of supreme quality and low size. These are all basics for any websites.

But when it comes to a real estate website, what extra features should be there in addition to the recently mentioned ones? How can you make your website stand out among the online competition? How can your real estate website prove to be resourceful for the incoming traffic? These all are very common but crucial questions? If you implement your real estate website with all the optimum solutions then surely tons of leads will come your way.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the necessary things your real estate website should have and how can you implement them effectively.

1.   Advanced Search

A search tool is the most important resource for incoming traffic. A search tool should be placed on the main navigation bar or somewhere on the home screen where it is most prominent. And this goes without saying, that it should be properly functioning and should give accurate results quickly. Because slow search results will also result in a poor user experience.

2.   Sorting

Present the properties on your website in a sorted form, add tags like the latest, oldest, featured, cheapest. All these things prove beneficial to the client to search for the houses in the area according to certain parameters. You can add physical attributes to the houses as well like price or area covered. Let visitors look for their favorite properties they want with one click instead of laborious jumping from one page to another.

3.   Latest or featured properties

Put the latest or featured properties on the home page or anywhere on the page where they are the most visible. Maybe a pop-up video or a sideline video can help gain the attention of potential clients. These properties should be the ones that are hot in town and can give the most value. If you are getting decent traffic on your website you can monetize that advertising corner for other agents to list their properties.

4.   Image gallery

Another great asset that every real estate website should have is an image gallery. Among all the text on a website, a visitor might get fed up. But placing an image gallery with high-quality graphics is a great way to attract incoming traffic to your website. Upload 10 to 15 images to make a fancy gallery for your website. Spend some time and money to showcase the best images there.

5.   Social sharing

Social sharing tools like options to share a webpage on Facebook, Instagram, or even on Gmail can help you reach more audiences. For instance, a visitor finds a house attractive and wants to share it with their family. Therefore, you have to put an option for them to share, in order to land that lead.

6.   Map view

This option is a must-have. Showing property on map view will help the client to look around the neighborhood. Look for the facilities around (restaurants, parks, schools for kids). Most people look for a decent neighborhood when buying a house. Therefore, it is important that you put the house on the map for them to see the facilities around them. Making these facilities prominent on the map can also help you convince your clients to make a purchase.

7.   Contact form & Telephone number

This one goes without saying. Add a contact form or telephone number on your website so that interested clients can reach you. If you don’t add this to your website, you are clearly missing these golden opportunities.

8.   Blog

Adding a blog to your website will add real value to your website. Not only will it help you rank your listing pages on the search engines but it will also provide valuable information to your possible clients. They will consider your website as a source of valuable insights and wisdom which will definitely make them buy or sell to you.

9.   Testimonials

Good and positive feedbacks proves that you are doing a great job in the market. Ask your customers to leave a review of your services. Make sure to take their full name, email, and photo(if possible) while taking the feedback. Add those testimonials in a nice card on your website, it’ll increase the trust of other buyers or sellers in you.

10.  Your Story

Make sure to add an “About Us” or “My Story” section on the website. The more you tell about your company or yourself the more it’ll help the clients to trust you. Sharing your life journey will make an image in their mind and they start picturing meeting you in real life, which is one of the first steps leading towards a sale. Hire a professional content writer to write the copy of your about us section.


We have looked at all the features and things a real estate website should have and what benefits they reap. Each feature has its own importance, when integrated all on a website they yield wonderful results. Therefore, you can’t miss any one of them. Make sure to hire a professional to write copy for your website and a professional to develop the design of your website.