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10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Websites

In this era of modern tech where our every query is being answered by Google. We find ourselves so dependent on Google that for every small query to a big one, we pick up our phone and Google it. This is how it is and there is no denying that. Whether we are looking for the meaning of a word or finding what that tricky acronym stands for, searching on the internet is always the solution.

Students take the help of the internet to better understand their courses at college. Patients go looking for their symptoms and relative diseases. Similarly, people in the hunt for real estate search for the best agents and best places online before physically visiting those places.

Now as a real estate agent, you have to be there when someone looks for real estate in your area. You have to appear in the search results. You need to have your business online alongside your physical office. Your website should be outstanding and have the best user experience because your marketing starts from the moment they click on your website.

We have sorted out 10 main reasons why real estate agents need their own websites. Let’s get right into them:

1.    The Internet attracts interested buyers

According to a recent survey, roughly 3 out of 4 people who buy their houses, search their properties and neighborhood online before actually buying it. Just imagine how many potential clients you can secure by making an online presence. These are all serious buyers who are actually looking for homes. Having a great website with great content will attract those interested buyers.

2.    Portraits an innovative perspective of your business

Usually, the internet is considered as a modern and updated platform. If you think you don’t have a chance in the saturated market, then here is a big opportunity for you. You can secure the first page on the search engine browsers by portraying you have great work experience as well as ethics. Share your success stories there, so people would know that they can trust you. Show them that you are an innovative business who is working hard every day to better the lives of their valuable customers.

3.    Best place to attract young buyers and sellers

Online retailers and even traditional local businesses are trying to target the market of the young generation nowadays. So why shouldn’t you? When you have a website of yourself, you have complete independence of how you portray your image. You can lure young investors in and target your content on the site according to that. If you try to run some ads online, you will have amazing tools to pick up the target audience that you think will give the most leads.

4.    Fair competition

As mentioned earlier, on the internet no business is too large or too small until and unless you have great brand recognition before hitting up the internet. Everyone has perfect opportunities to bring clients home. You have a lot of areas where you can work to win that competition. First off is how loyal you are to your customers. That’ll help you get great reach from the word of mouth. Then you can also have experts do Search Engine Optimization for your website. What that’ll do is present the coming users that this business is the best in town. How? When someone will type in their search bar, “best real estate agents near me”. You will pop up as the first result. You can also run Google ads as well as ads on other social media platforms to land traffic on your site.

5.    Better customer service

Most people who are looking to buy real estate want someone on the other end to talk to them. Having a website online will show them that you are available 24/7. Your business will always be open to them, at least customer support. You can add a link to your email, or set up a contact form or you can integrate a chatbot to answer the queries of your incoming possible customers. Doing all these things will give your customer a sense of security that their agent is always available to them.

6.    A quick reference to your clients

Having a website is a quick reference for your new clients to see the clients you have worked with already. Everybody looks for referrals, having a website will allow your new users to get referrals easily. Another great advantage of having a website is that you don’t have to tell your user everything about yourself. Just leave the information on the site and they’ll research you with interest. Doing an amazing job writing your copy of the website will ensure that they’ll buy or sell from you. Plus you can’t tell a customer who is in your office about all your projects and the happy customers you have. But on the website, you can tell that all in detail.

7.    Time-Saving

Having a website saves time for both customers and an agent. They don’t have to ask for the services that you provide, they can see them already stated online. As long as you have good content on the site that can answer all the possible queries, users won’t have to chat with you for a long time. They can get directly into a specific property they are interested in. It is a good practice that you add all possible FAQs that might pop up in the user’s head.

8.    Quick conversions

This is a well-known fact that online users are quick buyers. They like a thing, do a bit of research, and purchase that instantly. The same is the case when it comes to real estate. If they think you are an experienced broker and have a great portfolio of services they will most likely become your customers.

9.    Useful resources – IDX

You can also provide useful resources to your clients so they can benefit from your site. This will also help you in gaining the trust of you the users that use your tools. What kind of tools you can use? You can add property listings from Internet Data Exchange Services like Showcase IDX. This will allow the user to search for their new homes using your website. You can also advertise your services on that page so that you become a renowned figure in the mind of users searching for new homes.

10.   Clear channel for communication

There is a great chance that people forget the things talked over the phone or deals done in person. But communicating online provides a digital record of every chat and every agreement that happens between both parties. Now with the advancement in online security, you can talk with your clients with end-end encryption without worrying that someone is hearing your conversations.


A website is a crucial and important asset for a real estate agent to have an online presence. The main purpose of discussing all these reasons was to make it clear the importance of a good website. How it can promote your business through means you can’t even imagine. Technology is evolving rapidly and your business should too. Now that we are going through the 4th industrial revolution, having a website is a must. You can have an expert train advanced machine learning algorithms for your business to analyze the behavior of your customers to different kinds of marketing campaigns. Then you can use that information to go full hands-on that successful marketing campaign. It is all possible only if you evolve your business as the technology evolves.